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Cashier API Notification

Notification request is sent upon Cashier login (see InitPayIn, InitCheckout, InitPayOut, InitPayOutOrder) when the customer has submitted the deposit and payout request form, your CRM confirmed the submission and the transaction status has changed during the actual proecssing.

{danger.fa-exclamation} IMPORTANT #1: In case if your API response contains "status":-1 or responds in unrecognized format, the notification will be resent automatically within approximately 5 minutes.


Variable Type Description
transaction_type varchar(8) Required. Transaction type. Allowed values are:
sale (deposit)
payout (withdrawal)
refund (return deposit funds)
transaction_status varchar(16) Required.

- pending - processing initiated, final response expected from PSP
- authorized - transaction authorized, capture is expected
- approved - processing was successful
- declined - processing failed
- chargeback - customer requested to get funds back
- reversed - refund done at PSP side

- requested - merchant action/approval expected
- authorized - transaction authorized by manager, manual processing is expected
- in progress - processing at PSP side
- approved - processing was successful
- rejected - processing cancelled by the merchant or client
- reversed - refund done at PSP side

transaction_id varchar(50) Optional. PSP transaction identifier
trace_id int(11) Required. transaction identifier
order_id varchar(50) sale - Optional. Transaction identifier in your system
payout - Required. Transaction identifier in your system
frontend varchar(50) Required. Cashier FrontEnd name, normally it is a common name of the website. Linked to a specific base currency.
pin varchar(50) Required. Unique customer id in your system
amount int(20) Required. Processed amount in cents.
Please note: for certain currencies (JPY, CLP, KRW, VND, BHD, IQD, JOD, LYD, OMR, TND) the amount is sent as-in without being converted to cents, this is important if you multiply by 100 to send the amount in cents
currency varchar(10) Required. Payment currency
payment_method varchar(50) Required. Payment method
payment_processor varchar(50) Required. Payment processor
created_by varchar(50) Optional. Transaction was created by
auth_token varchar(75) Optional. Auth token provided upon Cashier session init call
merchant_id varchar(50) Required. Merchant API client account identifier
card_number varchar(19) Optional. Customer card number (4444 **** **** 1233)
card_type varchar(10) Optional. Customer card type (VISA, MC)
card_exp varchar(8) Optional. Customer card exp (10/2023)
account_identifier varchar(256) Optional. CRM account identifier
cascade_level int(2) Optional. Transaction retry number
is_cascade int(1) Optional. Is this transaction goes through cascade
error_code int(10) Optional. Error code for rejected transactions
error_details varchar(256) Optional. Error description for rejected transactions
reference_id varchar(256) Optional. ID of transaction to reverse
version varchar(3) Required. API version
timestamp int(11) Required. Request time. URL will be active during 1 min after this time
signature varchar(96) Required. Request signature. Please refer to How to Build Signature for details on signing the request.


Variable Type Description
status int Required.
- 0 if the request was successful
- Negative integer if internal server/network error occurs
- Positive integer if application/logical error occurs
description varchar(256) Required. Accurate description of the result. Return the actual error for any exception as it helps to diagnose issues in production
signature varchar(96) Required. Hash of the response parameters


For example below: Merchant Secret = "MerchantSecretKey"


curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
        "frontend":"Praxis TEST USD",

Response (OK)


Response (ERR)

    "description":"Deposit count exceeded",

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