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This document is a technical guide to describe the required and optional API functionality needed to integrate (“Cashier”) to your software platform (“Platform”).

Steps for a Successful Integration

  1. Review this document in its entirety to acquaint yourself with the various integration points.
  2. Schedule an introductory call between ourselves and your business stakeholders and IT developers to review the Cashier to Platform integration and discuss any special items or needs.
  3. Review the business requirements as they relates to the integration between the Cashier and the Platform and how they can affect user experience or business processes.
  4. Build or expose an API for your Platform that serves the required functionality to integrate the Cashier to your Platform. This web supported API should be built with security in mind, using your choice of programming language and communication format (i.e. HTTP POST, RESTful, JSON or XML)
  5. Our developers will create a Cashier integration to your Platform following your API and provide feedback with regards to possible changes. Based on our experience there can be a few iterations to ensure a solid and robust implementation has been established between your Platform and the Cashier.
  6. Following completion and basic testing, we will provide a test cashier URL which you will link to your test Platform site.
  7. Business stakeholders and developers can then review a fully working testing site integrated with your Platform and our Cashier, and coordinate moving to production if satisfied with the performance and work of both systems.
  8. Once your production website has been setup with the Cashier integrated using the live Cashier credentials, our support team will work with you to setup and configure your Cashier system, payment methods, limits, rules and more. A Cashier training session will be scheduled prior to you going live. When you are ready to go live, you link your Platform cashier access to your new Cashier system. Our support team will be available for any issues or questions that may arise.

Development Requirements

Your team: Implement a secure web service to expose business and cashier functionality from your Platform to our Cashier system based on this guide and discussions.

We will: Implement calls to consume your web service for your platform within the Cashier, then provide a test link for you to integrate into your site as an iframe or lightbox.

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