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API Methods Push Customer Data Deprecated

This method is a POST event invoked from your system to a Cashier URL (CreateCustomer.asp) to PUSH customer data from your Platform to the Cashier. Note this end point is not intended for batch requests and you should update each customer in a separate request as each event occurs in your system individually (insert or update customer).


Variable Type Description
PIN varchar(50) Required. Unique customer id in your system
FrontEndName varchar(256) Required. Cashier front end name, normally common name of the website. Linked to a specific base currency.
CustName varchar(50) Full customer name, can be split in two fields first and last name
Street varchar(100) Street address of the customer
City varchar(50) City of the customer
Province varchar(2) State/Province where the customer resides. Only for US, CA and AU. 2 characters ISO format. Otherwise leave blank.
PCode varchar(12) Postal Code of the customer. Only required for US and CA. Can provide values for other countries. Limited to 12 alphanumeric characters only.
Country varchar(2) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (US, MT, IT, GB, DE, etc)
Phone varchar(20) Numeric only, includes country area code. Should not be a dummy sequence like 123456 or 111111, should be at least 6 digits long.
Email varchar50) Customer’s email
DOB date Date of birth of the customer. MM/DD/YYYY format accepted.
Gender char(1) M or F (male or female)
Profile int(1) Profile level of the customer (0 to 5)
IP_Address char(15) IP Address of the customer
SecurePassCode varchar(50) Secret key that is configurable in the Cashier for security for each Front End, under Backoffice menu Admin > Front End Options > Web Service Password. Do not divulge or expose your Web Service Password within your website or to third parties.


Variable Type Description
Status int Required.
- 0 if the request was successful
- Negative integer if internal server/network error occurs
- Positive integer if application/logical error occurs
Description varchar(75) Required. Accurate description of the result. Return the actual error for any exception as it helps to diagnose issues in production

We can configure the software to always return OK regardless if a field is incomplete or missing. This is valid when you allow quick signups with minimum details, but when customer access the cashier the first time, they will have to complete ALL required fields. This is similar to a checkout process in any online shop.



curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"FrontEnd":"TEST EUR", "PIN":"7", "CustName":"Test Test", "Phone":"123456789", "Email":"[email protected]", "Street":"123 Green street", "City":"City", "PCode":"123456", "Province":"",
"Country":"GB", "DOB":"01/01/1980", "Profile":"1", "IPAddress":""}'

Response (OK)

{"Status":0, "Description":"OK"}

Response (ERR)

{"Status":1, "Description":"DOB invalid"}

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