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Linking to the Cashier

The Cashier can be linked to from your website in many different ways (iframe, lightbox or new window). The most common and recommended approach is embedding an iframe so the cashier appears as part of your site. When using iframe there are two important considerations: dimensions of the frame (width and height) and Safari 3rd party cookie blocking. We recommend using JavaScript in your page to address each of these issues mentioned.

  1. Use a minimum width and height of at least 600px, but use JavaScript window.postMessage listener to adjust the height dynamically. See the example further below.
  2. For Safari to allow cookies from a site that is part of an iframe, it must ‘think’ the customer has visited it directly on a top-level page. For this we recommend a ‘bounceback’. A bounceback briefly redirects the customer’s Safari browser to a Cashier page using the top window level of the browser and back to the originating site. First use JavaScript to determine the customer’s browser. If the browser is Safari, then check if the customer has visited the Cashier in the past, you can achieve that by writing your own cookie or session variable. Finally, if the customer is on Safari and has not visited the Cashier before (there is no cookie present) then redirect the customer browser to the ‘bounceback.asp’ Cashier page, which will return immediately the navigation back to the URL value passed ‘returnUri=’. See Cashier Frame Code Example.
  3. Add the frame with default properties.
  4. Code the inner target of the frame in your preferred web language, to build a hidden HTML form post with Cashier variables

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