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Earlier Integrations Redirect URL Example

Upon successful deposit the customer sees the deposit summary page. If the post deposit redirect is set, at the bottom of the summary page there will be the “Continue” button, by clicking which the customer will be redirected to the given URL

There are few ways to setup the redirect URL upon deposit.

Ways to define Post Deposit Redirect URL

Priority 1 (highest) is Frontend Conditional Post Deposit Rules - checked first

First, we will check if the a "Homerun" rule has been configured within the frontend (available only for live merchant accounts, for more details please contact [email protected])

Available conditions to redirect:

Client Condition Variable type Description Example
Country String ISO-2 country code (refer to GetCustomer) US, GB
Profile Number Profile number (refer to GetCustomer) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
City String City full name (refer to GetCustomer) New York, London

If the customer details match each criteria, upon deposit the customer will be navigated to the URL that is specified within the rule that matched.

If more than one matching rule is defined, the one with lower weight will be chosen. If the matching rules have the same weight, the one with lower ID will be chosen.

Priority 2 is Customer Redirect Rule

This rule setting up dynamically by CRM at ReturnURL parameter.

Work if upper rule miss match and set up at our side

Priority 3 is Frontend Redirect Rule

You can request us to redirect users per frontend.

To enable this function - please send us Frontend name and URL

Priority 4 (lowest) is Backoffice Redirect Rule (if none of the previous have been defined or matched)

Option that can be set up at backoffice in frontend options

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