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Virtual Terminal Description

You can embed the Virtual Terminal within the CRM to easily access the deposit feature on behalf of the customer. VT is embedded by adding an iframe with the URL that has the FrontEnd and customer’s PIN specified – see details below.

Backoffice requires authentication. When you link the VT page in the iframe, users will see an authentication prompt asking for Backoffice username and password credentials. The staff will not have to do this every time. Just once a day or so. The same user can be logged in on multiple devices.

Variable Description Example
FrontEnd Cashier front end name, normally common name of the website. Linked to a specific base currency. A.k.a. Sportsbook – to be deprecated. My Site USD
My Site EUR
PIN Unique customer id in your system Customer1
Command Indicates the VT page to display after the authentication. If not specified, it will land on the Deposit page.
• DEPOSIT - land on the deposit options page (Deposit.asp) – default option
Method Optional. Defaults to “VISA” if you don't know cardtype when iframe is linked. User can then change a droplist in our form. VISA

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