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Agent API {find-order}

This API method will be helpful to check the status of the cashier session. The session is limited to 15 minutes -or- at most one approved transaction within the session. However, the transaction may end up with pending status with more time taken for processing at a gateway side, presumably finished after the session timeout.

The {find-order} method returns the transaction details in the response if the transaction has the status other than rejected, unless the session has timed out and the latest rejected transaction details are returned.


Name URL

Request Parameters

✓ - required value
? - optional, value or null
✕ - always appears as null

Variable Type Description
merchant_id varchar(50) Merchant API client account identifier
application_key varchar(32) Identifier of your application (website)
order_id varchar(50) Transaction identifier in your system
version varchar(3) API version
timestamp int(11) Request time (unix timestamp, seconds)

Response Parameters

Variable Type Description
status int API communication status - for transaction processing status please refer to transaction.transaction.status
- 0 if the request was successful
- Negative integer if internal server/network error occurs
- Positive integer if application/logical error occurs
description varchar(256) Accurate description of the result. Return the actual error for any exception as it helps to diagnose issues in production
customer <Object> Customer object
session <Object> Session object
transaction <Object> Transaction object
version varchar(3) API version
timestamp int(11) Response time (unix timestamp, seconds)


The full signature generation algorithm can be found in the Authentication section.

Request signature parameters

  1. merchant_id
  2. application_key
  3. timestamp
  4. order_id

Response signature parameters

  1. status
  2. timestamp
  3. customer.customer_token
  4. transaction.tid
  5. transaction.transaction_status
  6. transaction.processed_currency
  7. transaction.processed_amount



    "merchant_id": "Test-Integration-Merchant",
    "application_key": "Sandbox",
    "order_id": "test-1560610955",
    "version": "1.3",
    "timestamp": 1590613956

Response (Found)

    "status": 0,
    "description": "Ok",
    "customer": {
        "customer_token": "87cfb23a8f1e68e162c276b754d9c061",
        "country": "GB",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Johnson",
        "avs_alert": 0,
        "verification_alert": null
    "session": {
        "auth_token": "8a7sd87a8sd778ac961062c6bedddb8",
        "intent": "payment",
        "session_status": "created",
        "order_id": "test-1560610955",
        "currency": "EUR",
        "amount": 100,
        "conversion_rate": 1.000000,
        "processed_currency": "EUR",
        "processed_amount": 100,
        "payment_method": "Credit Card",
        "gateway": null,
        "cid": "1",
        "variable1": "your variable",
        "variable2": "if that is not enough, you can pass even one more variable",
        "variable3": null
    "transaction": {
        "transaction_type": "sale",
        "transaction_status": "approved",
        "tid": 756850,
        "transaction_id": "13397",
        "currency": "EUR",
        "amount": 100,
        "conversion_rate": 1.000000,
        "processed_currency": "EUR",
        "processed_amount": 100,
        "fee": 0,
        "fee_incided": 0,
        "fee_type": "flat",
        "payment_method": "Credit Card",
        "payment_processor": "TestCardProcessor",
        "gateway": "s-pTSZyK23E1Ee5KZpcNbX_aFl0HuhQ0",
        "card": {
            "card_token": "J-4-a0vPhjZ9R75JP98VDUFgbh9y8sYr",
            "card_type": "VISA",
            "card_number": "411111******1111",
            "card_exp": "12\/2024",
            "card_issuer_name": "Bank of Somewhere",
            "card_issuer_country": "GB"
        "wallet": null,
        "is_3d": 0,
        "is_cascade": 0,
        "cascade_level": 0,
        "reference_id": 756850,
        "withdrawal_request_id": 756853,
        "account_identifier": null,
        "created_by": "INTERNET",
        "edited_by": "INTERNET",
        "status_code": "SC-002",
        "status_details": "Transaction approved"
    "version": "1.3",
    "timestamp": 1590611635