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The card object represents the card details having the sensitive information masked. The card object appears within the transaction object as a part of the card transaction notification.

{danger.fa-exclamation-triangle} IMPORTANT: Card data from the card object can be stored by the merchants and does not require the PCI DSS compliance from the merchant. The tokenized card format does not have any restrictions, except for the general privacy and confidentiality principles.


✓ - required value
? - optional, value or null
✕ - always appears as null

Variable Type Description
card_token varchar(32) HASH value of customer's card
card_type varchar(10) ? Customer card type (AMEX, DinersClub, Discover, Electron, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard, Mir, VISA)
card_number varchar(19) Customer card number (4444 44** **** 1233)
card_exp varchar(8) ? Customer card exp (10/2023)
card_issuer_name varchar(255) ? Customer card issuing bank name
card_issuer_country varchar(2) ? Customer card issuing bank country


    "card_token": "J-4-a0vPhjZ9R75JP98VDUFgbh9y8sYr",
    "card_type": "VISA",
    "card_number": "411111******1111",
    "card_exp": "12\/2024",
    "card_issuer_name": "Random Bank, London",
    "card_issuer_country": "GB"