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Cashier API MIT Transactions

A merchant-initiated transaction (MIT) is a payment transaction initiated by the merchant with the prior consent of the customer. MIT payments are sometimes referred to as subsequent transactions.
An MIT flow involves two or more transactions: an initial customer-initiated payment and one or more subsequent merchant-initiated payments.
This page describes these transactions and additional parameters to include in these queries.

Initial MIT

Initial MIT card payment request. In these transactions, the cardholder must provide their card details and authorize the transaction by providing a signature or entering a PIN.

When sending an Initial MIT Cashier API request with it’s mandatory parameters, include the following parameters:

  "intent": "payment",
  "gateway": [hash],
  "payment_method": "Credit Card",
  "mit": {
      "type": "initial",
      "expiry": [in days]
  // *Gateway or Payment Method 'Credit Card' should be presentend in request


Please note Subsequent MIT transactions should be performed using Direct API call.
Even if you are not PCI compliant, the Direct API for MIT can still be used because card data transfer is not required for the Subsequent MIT requests.