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Objects Card Data

The card data object represents the authorization details - the minimal required information to perform the online payments. The card is considered as verified in case if it has at least one successful authorization in our records.

{danger.fa-exclamation-triangle} IMPORTANT #1: In order to collect, store and/or transfer the card details over API the merchant needs to be compliant with PCI DSS.

{danger.fa-exclamation-triangle} IMPORTANT #2: To use an encrypted method to send credit card information, go to Card Data (Encrypted) section.


✓ - required value
? - optional, value or null
✕ - always appears as null

Variable Type Auth Sale Payout Description
card_number varchar(19) Customer card number (4444333322221111)
card_exp varchar(8) Customer card exp (10/2023)
cvv varchar(4) Customer card CVV


    "card_number": "4444333322221111",
    "card_exp": "12\/2024",
    "cvv": "023"