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{danger.fa-exclamation-triangle} Please note that not all wallets have reusable structure that can be serialized. Any wallet identified by "wallet_token":"1bl8c8BxAd7vRbMWy0ahh71qDH_7CebB" is void wallet, customer will not see it in a dropdown of saved payment details, and you will not be able to use it for direct/wallet-token API calls. Also "account_identidier":"1bl8c8BxAd7vRbMWy0ahh71qDH_7CebB" is void


✓ - required value
? - optional, value or null
✕ - always appears as null

Variable Type Description
wallet_token varchar(32) HASH value of customer's e-wallet account details
account_identifier varchar(256) Customer account ID at PSP (e-wallet login or bank account)
data Generic object ? Customer data related to wallet


    "wallet_token": "wxtDmu8trYHrMWnpoBsEoq6YxqNxAsP-",
    "account_identifier": "11112222333344",
    "data": {
        "some_variable_1": "some_value_1",
        "some_variable_2": "some_value_2"