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Subscriptions API allows to seamlessly implement subscription-based services, offering a convenient and secure payment experience for end-customers. By leveraging card tokenization, sensitive card information is protected, eliminating the need for customers to repeatedly enter their payment details. It was developed based on the MIT flow and all the calculations and management is manipulated via Praxis API or Atlas UI.


Subscription Plan and Subscription are the 2 primary entities Subscription API revolves around.

  • Subscription Plan represents the template or blueprint for a recurring payment arrangement. It defines the key parameters and details of a subscription, such as the billing cycle, pricing, trial periods, and any specific features or benefits associated with the plan. Think of it as a predefined structure that guides the creation of individual subscriptions.
  • Subscription represents an instance of a customer's enrollment in a specific Subscription Plan. It embodies the actual subscription details for a particular customer, including their unique identifier, payment method (tokenized card), billing frequency, and any personalized settings associated with their subscription. Each customer's subscription is an individual entity that can be managed and modified independently.

To begin using our Subscriptions API, it is essential to follow a specific sequence of steps. The first crucial step is to tokenize the customer's card through either Initial MIT(customer-initiated transaction) or 0-Auth, depending on your preferred approach. This process ensures the secure storage and handling of sensitive card information. Tokenization replaces the actual card details with a unique token, which serves as a reference to the customer's payment information. This token can be securely stored and used for subsequent transactions, including subscription creation.

Once the card tokenization is successfully completed, you can proceed with creating a subscription for the customer using the tokenized card. Our Subscriptions API allows you to define the subscription plan details, such as the billing cycle, pricing, and any additional parameters specific to your business model.

By separating the tokenization step from the subscription creation process, we ensure that the customer's card information remains secure and that their payment details are handled in compliance with industry standards.

Therefore, the recommended workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a Subscription Plan and its configurations according to your business requirements, such as billing frequency, trial period, retry policy etc.
  2. Initiate the card tokenization process using either Initial MIT(customer-initiated transaction) or 0-Auth with the mit_object involved.
  3. Upon successful tokenization, you will receive a unique token representing the customer's payment information.
    By the way, you can always request the list of saved tokens by calling /get-customer-cards API request.
  4. Utilize the obtained token to create a subscription for the customer using our Subscriptions API.

Remember, by following this workflow, you ensure the secure handling of customer payment information while seamlessly integrating our Subscriptions API into your platform or application.