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Cashier API JavaScript SDK

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- SANDBOX -->
    <!-- <script src=""></script> -->

    <!-- LIVE -->
    <script src=""></script>

    <div id="cashier-block">
        <!-- Cashier will be rendered here -->

        const AUTH_TOKEN = '8a7sd87a8sd778ac961062c6bedddb8'; 
        const CONTAINER = document.getElementById('cashier-block');
        const AUTOCLOSE = false;
        const MODE = 'iframe';
        const LOCALE = 'en-GB';

        let cashier = PraxisCashier({
            auth_token: AUTH_TOKEN,  // auth_token received in response to API call
            container: CONTAINER, // block where the cashier iframe or cashier window controls will be added
            autoclose: AUTOCLOSE, // whether to close the cashier window upon transaction attempt
            mode: MODE, // supported values: 'iframe', 'tab', 'window'
            locale: LOCALE // optional, locale for Praxis login button, browser locale is default

        // if you override this method, please make sure to adjust the iframe size
        cashier.on('resize', function(data) {
            if (MODE === 'iframe') {
                let iframe = cashier.getCashierIframe();

                if (iframe) {
           = data.height + 'px';

        cashier.on('payment_method_selected', function(data) {

        // if set, this callback will override the autoclose setting
        cashier.on('transaction_attempted', function(data) {