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Version History


Version Date Main changes
2.24b Jan 2019 PSP currency and PSP amount added
3.0 Mar 2019 RedirectURL via InitPayIn, Removed PrevalidatePayout
3.1 Jun 2019 AuthorizedDeposit notification added, DepositCapture API function added, DepositCancel API function added, CompletePayout APi function added, Signature algorithm changed, InitCheckout API function added, InitPayOut API function added
3.2 Sep 2019 Payment API - Payout added, Payment API - Refund added, Reference for the older integrations removed, Agent API added, Agent API - Find Session added, Agent API - Find Order added, API migration 0.24-to-1.1 reference added, Introduction updated with more details to consider for start
3.3 Dec 2019 Added deposit-refund method,added methods for VT for API1.1 and many other improvements

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